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Vista of the Green Silk Road | Annual theme of 2022: Stories of the Green Silk Road: Driving Green Development with Synergetic Reduction of Pollution and Carbon Emissions Case Collection

I. Introduction of Vista of the Green Silk Road

1. Background

The Vista of the Green Silk Road (the Program) is an international communication program jointly launch by the BRI International Green Development Coalition (BRIGC) and the “Belt & Road” Media Cooperation Union (MCU), which is the first flagship communication brand and program on BRI green development. It aims to share green development stories in China and BRI participating countries through typical cases and professional film, television and media approaches in a multidimensional way. By these stories, it is intended to share green development concepts, experiences, practical cases and achievements of cooperation, to show the contribution of the BRI to green development and the improvement of sense of well-being and security on the local level, and to enhance the confidence and consensus of all parties to further develop the Green Silk Road.

2. Organization

Sponsored by:  Ministry of Ecology and Environment of P.R. China

                           State Council Information Office of P.R. China

Organized by:  BRI International Green Development Coalition (BRIGC)

                        “Belt & Road” Media Cooperation Union (MCU)

3. Major activities

1) Main Events

Each year, 2-3 thematic events will be held for the Program in an online and offline hybrid manner, which may consist of the launching event, case collection, and film release.

2) Case Collection and Film Production

Based on the annual theme, cases and stories on green BRI from different countries and across diverse sectors will be collected and produced into a series of episodes of the Vista of the Green Silk Road. Films are either documentaries that last for 25-30 minutes or short videos that last for 3-5 minutes for each episode. The organizers can provide film editing and production support as appropriate.

4.Global Promotion

1) International Coverage

The centralized and continuous news coverage on Program events will be carried out via over 100 national news agencies, major news websites and portal websites across the world.

2) Domestic Coverage

The Program related events will be extensively covered by national media agencies and other major Chinese domestic media. The film series will be displayed on major national TV channels, local satellite TV channels and video platforms.

3) Broadcast on BRI media

Films will be broadcasted on the USilk presented by “Belt & Road” Media Cooperation Union, and be displayed on mainstream channels of BRI media partners during prime time. Stories will be translated into 19 languages and presented to over 600 million audiences in more than 40 countries.

II. 2022 Annual Case Collection

1. Annual theme and content

The annual theme of 2022 is “Stories of the Green Silk Road: Driving Green Development with Synergetic Reduction of Pollution and Carbon Emissions”. Cases, stories and key person related to green BRI from different countries and across diverse sectors will be collected. Exemplary cases will be selected and produced into episodes of the Program. Domestic and international distribution and promotion will be arranged. The Program will be launched in July and films will be released in December.

With focuses on industrial parks, infrastructure projects, and capacity building activities in BRI participating countries, the candidate cases are expected to tell a vivid story from the perspective of BRI participating countries, and clearly explain how these cases help promote the implementation of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and bring positive outcomes to local green and low-carbon development. Cases include but not limited to effective ecological governance, practice of green development principles, green and low-carbon technologies, BRI green projects, key person in promoting "Belt and Road" green development.

2. Video and Audio Specifications

1) All videos and audios shall be in high-definition (include Ultra HD) with international version and broadcast version provided. All data files shall be in uniformed format as follow:

    a) International Version

       Video: MOV format (ProRes422/ProRes422(HQ), 25fps, 1080p)

       Audio: 48KHz and above, 16-bits sample size (sound needs to be in split tracks, including international soundtracks without narration).

    b) Broadcast Version

       Video: mp4 format (h264, 25fps, 1080p, 15-20Mbps bitrate)

       Audio: AAC format, 320Kbps, stereo 48KHz

2) Three types of videos are accepted based on video length

    a) Vlog (video length max 5 minutes)

    b) Short video (video length min 5 minutes, max 30 minutes)

    c) Film (longer than 30 minutes)

All the submitted films shall be original. The corresponding copyrights shall belong to the participating organizations (individuals). Both authenticity and aesthetics shall be observed in the films.

3. Submission

Two options are provided for material submission:

1) Please copy all the material into the U disk with material list attached, and deliver the U disk to CICC Beijing office. (Address: No. 225, Chaoyangmennei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing)

2) Please upload all the materials to wetransfer, and share the link via email with material list attached. (Email address:

III. Contact Information

BRI International Green Development Coalition

Mr. Pang Xiao

Tel: +86-10-82268235+86-18618309922


Fax: +86-10-82200545

Belt & Road” Media Cooperation Union

Ms. Liu Wei

Tel: +86-10-64049732; +86-15910503797


Fax: +86-10-64049759

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